News in a minute ... a 2 page fun to read FREE U.S. newspaper for coffee shops, dentist offices, hotels, bars with free advertising for the business owner.
 What is it? 

 News in a Minute is a fun, easy, short paper with all of the update, relevant & quirky 
 upbeat stories that your customers will love! 
 Fun to read.  Something to talk about while waiting ... even to take home.

Great fun for your customers ... AND YOUR DREAM FOR ADVERTISING!

        FREE for your customers ... But what do you PAY?

  Introductory offer:
Free "Front Page" advertising!
      All you need to do is make at least 10 papers available to your customers.
That's right.  You can print out as many as you would like to have in your establishment.
 If you want to advertise in other places in town, state-wide or nationally; it's up to you.

Prices as low as $24.00 $12.00 an AD to run in your local area.  AND
if you order for a whole month only
$14.00 $7.00 an ad per week.
You can't beat this kind of advertising, ANYWHERE!

If you want the paper delivered via e-mail ... just ask!
If you want pre-printed copies delivered, you will pay postage & handling and .50 a copy.

This is a great, affordable opportunity for you and your business!
We will start with a weekly paper.  When we get going we might have more!
Be excited!  Good advertising is hard to come by.

Become a member for free just by giving us your business name
and e-mail.
You can advertise on this page for a BUCK a day! 
(3 days minimum)
1 888 789-3888
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